We're all about fast sprinting, not fast fashion

This is just the beginning

For us, no dream is too big. No goal is out of reach. We push and inspire each other, learn from one another, to become the best that we can be.

We accept no limits, and together we become unstoppable. We are never-ending dreamers, and for those who dare to dream, we created Fitspo Sportswear. A brand that stands behind you, and all those who are ready to turn dreams into reality.

Remember why you started.

Inspired by the female
body and mind

When creating our first drawings of Fitspo Sportswear, we asked for the opinion of hundreds of girls. What do they love and miss when it comes to sportswear of today?

There were lots of opinions, and we heard your feedback loud and clear. From it, we made a design tailored to your wants and needs.

Our motivation is simple. We want to create the best sportswear in the world, maximizing comfort and performance. And last but not least, we want you to feel amazing while wearing it.

Built to push limits

Just wanted to let you know – we didn’t hold back on anything creating this piece. And neither should you.

That is why we constantly innovate our process in order to find solutions that generate sportswear with a limitless sensation. We’ve sourced out high-quality material made in Italy, shipped it to our factory where piece by piece was produced with love and devotion.

Behind every piece you wear, stands a hard working highly skilled designer, textile worker, and believer – making it possible for you to focus on your workout,
leaving the rest to us.

Designed to inspire

Our sportswear is designed to put a sweaty smile on your face. Making you feel great, look smashing and inspire you to crush your next workout.

This is done through great fitted design, innovation, and craftsmanship. A design that highlights the shape of the female body and that give’s you the confidence to dream big. We want you to know your limits, then push them – all while wearing Fitspo Sportswear.

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Take good care of your products and our planet

Fitspo Sportswear care for our common journey towards a sustainable footprint. We believe in fast sprinting, not fast fashion. All of our products are high-quality pieces created to be worn over and over again. And with your help, they can last even longer.

Show up for yourself, the planet and your Fitspos.
Wash responsibly.

Remember why you started